Why you should always be upfront about salaries in your job adverts

Do you display salaries in your job adverts? Logically, every company should. After all, before posting your role online, you’ll need to decide on a budget for it. Therefore, it makes no sense to keep candidates in the dark – right? 

Yet, many businesses still omit salaries from their job adverts. While some employers genuinely don’t know the salary that they want to offer (and therefore don’t advertise it), many aren’t upfront about the matter for their own private gain.  

Perhaps they want to improve their negotiating power when deciding on the candidate’s salary. Or maybe they realise that they can exploit the candidate’s lack of experience to their advantage. Either way, this remains a frustrating factor for jobseekers.  

With the vast majority (81.6%) of Brits claiming that salary is the most important part of a job advert, can you afford to not be upfront about salaries in your job adverts? The reality is that you could be missing out on top talent due to lack of transparency.  

If you’ve found yourself asking why you should always be upfront about salaries in your job adverts, this article will delve into further detail about its importance.  

You’ll get more targeted results  

Do you find that you get tons of applications, but only a handful are worthwhile reading? That could be because you’re not including the salary range in your job adverts. As such, job hunters don’t know the value of the role compared to their own skill set.  

However, you’ll cut down dramatically on low-quality applications by telling candidates how much you’re willing to pay. This isn’t as scary as it sounds. All it means is that you’ll receive more targeted results, thus saving yourself time and money.  

Plus, even if candidates don’t bring up the subject of salary early on, they may end up wasting your time if they can’t afford to accept the salary you offer at the final stage. This is a common occurrence with candidates who don’t want to appear too ‘money-driven’. When you list a salary in the job advert, there’s no need for this game of cat and mouse!  

It’s bad business to underpay your employees 

Yep, you heard! In fact, it could even be considered unethical to underpay your employees. Especially if you’re exploiting their lack of knowledge around the market value of the role. Sure, you may find a candidate who’s willing to do the job for significantly less than you budgeted for. But you’re banking on their ignorance in doing this. 

And what happens when the employee takes it upon themselves to research their job value? Before you know it, they’ll find out that they’re being underpaid. It’s likely to foster bad feelings and resentment among your employees; particularly if you pay one more than the other for a similar position.  

Moreover, you can’t claim to do right by your employees if you’re knowingly underpaying them. It shows a deliberate lack of appreciation for the people who’ve built your company up to be what it is.  

‘Depending on experience’ isn’t an excuse  

When job hunters see ‘depending on experience’ in a job advert, they’ll likely shudder and run a mile. To them, ‘DOE’ alone suggests that they won’t be able to negotiate their salary. They’ll assume that you’re going to pay them whatever their previous salary was, or whatever you can get away with. 

Instead of putting ‘DOE’ in the salary section, ensure that you include a pay scale. That way, the candidate won’t feel like you’re taking liberties. It also shows that you have a set budget, which you can stretch depending on what they can bring to the table. Plus, there’ll be no nasty surprises, as they knows the best and worst-case situations.  

You’ll stand out from the competition 

If you want your employees to be proud of the place they work, whilst staying put in their roles for longer periods of time, a clearly advertised, competitive salary should take pride of place in your job adverts. 

In today’s market, many companies don’t want to advertise their salaries and benefits packages because it makes them vulnerable to their competition. Understandably, you might be wary about competing organisations usurping your own company by offering candidates more money. However, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd when attracting candidates to your roles.  

If a candidate is looking at your job and another advert that doesn’t list a salary, which one are they more likely to apply for? You could argue that the salary you’re offering might put off potential applicants, but as previously discussed, why waste time on candidates your company simple can’t afford to hire?   

If you can’t be upfront about salaries in your job adverts

We would always recommend the upfront approach first and foremost. If this isn’t going to work for you, it may be worth taking a step back to examine why. However, sometimes the decision is out of your control, which means you simply can’t be upfront about salaries in your job adverts. In which case, there are other measures you can take to improve the quality of your advertisements. 

Without the salary included, candidates may not feel like they can trust your job advert. By including perks and benefits in the description, you’ll add value to the role, as well as seeming more transparent to the candidate.  

Honesty is always the best policy  

Ultimately, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to creating job adverts. And there’s no exception to the rule when it comes to including salaries. In fact, it’s possibly one of the most important factors to be upfront about.  

With a transparent job advert, you can guarantee that you’ll create a better candidate experience. Which in turn, is good for your employer brand and the overall reputation of your company. That’s not to say you should go all out and give up the intrigue of the job, of course.  

However, you’ll notice as soon as you upload a salary along with your job advert, that better quality candidates come flocking to your roles. The sooner you make the change, the sooner you’ll find your dream hire!  

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