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Posted on: 21 / Jul / 2020


Newly launched recruitment platform, Qonnectd, has used the CV-19 pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate its product development plans, with a series of enhancements that support companies looking to recruit in a more cost-effective, simple and efficient way, now and in a post-pandemic world. 

The recruitment 2.0 platform, which started trading in Sept 2019, and is currently supporting brands including, McAlister Family Law, Stadia Utilities, JMW Solicitors and Beyond Corporate, has launched a new applicant tracking system with enhanced features including integrated video interview technology, secure document signing and direct HR systems integration to support handovers once an appointment is made.  

Qonnectds hiring platform
Qonnectd’s latest applicant tracking platform

Despite obvious employment and recruitment pressures across some sectors, several industries are seeing a boom, with the care industry seeing a massive spike, alongside the recruiting job seekers into warehouses, farming and driving roles.  Qonnectd’s recent platform enhancements will not only help candidates to promote their CV and experience, but also their personalities too, whilst recruiters will be able to streamline their hiring processes whilst also getting across a sense of their brand, it’s values and purpose without the need for a face to face meeting. 

Commenting on the developments and market, co-founder Sean McAuley said: “The recruitment industry is, and will continue to undergo significant change as a result of CV-19, and as a relatively new platform, we wanted to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and use this time to evolve and innovate our technology, ready to support clients and applicants in a post-pandemic world.  

There has been a significant impact on recruitment over the course of the last few months but when normality resumes – whatever that might look like – inevitably business will not only review their recruitment spend more closely, they will also look for smarter technology to simplify and improve the process. We also envisage a high calibre of candidates seeking new roles and possibly doing so in a more remote way. This is an exciting time for the recruitment industry and our recent developments demonstrate Qonnectd’s ability to be nimble and forward-thinking to the new needs of the market”


Qonnectd’s alternative hiring platform enables businesses such as McAlister Family Law, JMW Solicitors & WWRHR to save time and money during the hiring process. When the internal resource is limited and the prospect of paying large fees is simply not an option, Qonnectd provides a competitive alternative. 

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